Brain Gain Hawaii

Team Save Hawaii Jobs and Businesses

Paycheck Protection Act. Disaster Loans. Federal Unemployment Assistance. Tax credits. Team Save Hawaii Jobs and Businesses is committed to getting the word out to Hawaii businesses about the financial lifelines provided by the CARES Act. Let’s save Hawaii jobs and businesses together.

Evan Leong

Chief Executive Officer
Brain Gain Hawaii

Darin Leong

Law Office of Darin R. Leong LLLC

Stacey Katakura, CPA

President, CEO & Founder

Jeff Harris

Senior Name Partner
Torkildson, Katz, Moore, Hetherington & Harris

Koko Leong

Head of Content
Save Hawaii Jobs and Businesses

Buddy Leong

Executive Director
Virtual Student Experiences

Becket Wren

Head Canvasser
Virtual Student Experiences