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Unlock your full potential by connecting with our expert placement team, dedicated to finding you the perfect role with growth, competitive pay, and a positive work environment.

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Brain Gain Hawaii Coaching offers trauma-informed executive coaching using Internal Family Systems, Brainspotting, and Imago models to resolve root issues, improve emotional resilience and clarity, reduce stress, and increase productivity, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling life.


About Us

At Brain Gain Hawaii (BGH), we specialize in three areas to help Hawaii companies and talented people find their perfect match. First, we offer executive and senior management full-time placement services, ensuring a values match as well as a skills match to create the best “fit.” Second, we provide career advancement and placement services for candidates, including executive coaching and mentoring to help them achieve their professional goals. Lastly, we offer business consulting and process outsourcing services to help companies eliminate, automate, delegate, and recruit talent to increase profits and facilitate growth.

BGH brings decades of recruiting, mentoring, networking, and entrepreneurship expertise to our clients. We take a holistic approach to the search process, focusing not only on foundational skills but also on values alignment to create successful matches between companies and candidates. Our personal network of referrals adds an extra layer of vetting to the process.

We help companies thrive by finding and introducing previously unreachable talent while also assisting with family reunification. Our core focus is to help Hawaii-raised executives and senior-level expats come home, a group known as “boomerang candidates.” We connect these candidates with top-level executives and help them navigate opportunities they may not have known existed. Our partner companies are open to “opportunity hires,” where a job is created for a special candidate.

BGH is also committed to helping the community through collaborations with organizations like Greater Good Radio & TV,, AD UP Hawaii, and Save Hawaii Jobs & Businesses. Whether it’s helping top students find the right internship or finding a non-profit board member, BGH has been dedicated to serving Hawaii for many years.

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